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Sapphire Lampshade


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Brighten up your space with the enchanting glow of our Sapphire Lampshade! Lovingly crafted from discarded gin bottles, and featuring a cool blue tone and square cut, this lampshade is the perfect choice for elegance and sustainability. Our double etching technique distinguishes this lampshade from our other styles, enhancing ambiance with a radiance akin to moonlight.

The hemp plug-in wall cord features a convenient on/off switch, providing effortless control. Simply add your preferred energy-saving light bulb and let the cozy charm radiate through your home.

Personalize your lampshade with your choice of Pattern.

Cost of item includes lampshade, hemp plug-in cord, box, & shipping materials. Please note, lightbulb is not included.


Moose, Ptarmigan, Northern Fish, Loons, Bear, Fox, Inuksuk, Ulu, Dogs, Wolf, Muskox, Caribou, Ravens, Fireweed, Forest, Geese, Floatplane, BLANK, Snow Flake, Aurora, Dog Sled, Bison

Sky Features

Aurora, Moon & Stars, Sun & Clouds, Snowflakes, Butterfly & Dragonfly

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