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With years of experience in glass recycling, our team guides community members through hands-on workshops to create unique pieces from upcycled wine bottles.

Our History

Pioneering Sustainable Glassworks

Founded in 1994, Old Town Glassworks began as an innovative enterprise aiming to repurpose materials from the waste stream back into the economy. This initiative quickly evolved into a popular workshop environment where individuals could create their own glass artworks. Our workshops have become the cornerstone of our offerings, allowing people from around the globe to engage in a hands-on, satisfying experience of making their own pieces of art.

Transition to a Cooperative

As we grew, we transitioned from a traditional business entrepreneurial model into a worker cooperative. This change was driven by a desire to empower our employees, involving them directly in the decision-making processes and future direction of the company. Our journey as a cooperative continues to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

Evolving Facilities and Innovation

Throughout our three decades of operation, our facilities have seen significant transformations. From humble beginnings at the Yellowknife City Market, co-founded by Matthew Grogono and two friends, to multiple relocations leading to our current expansive setup at 3510 MacDonald Drive, our journey has been marked by growth and adaptation. The main house has now been converted into a full-scale production site with diverse capabilities.

Innovative Techniques and Recognition

Our approach to sustainability extends to our equipment, which often involves repurposed materials. Notably, we’ve transformed washing machines into glass polishing tools and developed water recycling systems to maximize resource efficiency. Our creative reuse of equipment was recognized when we won the “Ugliest Sandblaster in North America” contest, receiving a state-of-the-art sandblaster as a prize.

A Commitment to Community and Craft

Old Town Glassworks not only stands as a testament to sustainable art but also embodies community spirit and creative resilience. As we continue to innovate and expand, we invite everyone to join us in crafting not just glassware, but a better world.

Our Team

Matthew Grogono

Founder of Yellowknife Glass Recyclers

Angelina Goertzen

Office fairy

Brent Resuma

Production Guru

Athena Wong

Customer Service

Simran Kaur

Production & Customer Service

Robbie Craig


Lynn Tailor


Emmanuel Lotanna


Benjamin Lavigne


The Board

Matthew Grogono


Steven Ford


Emily Lawson


Revolutionizing Sustainability

Old Town Glassworks leads the charge in waste reduction by artistically transforming Wine Bottles into elegant Glassware,
marking a significant leap forward in environmental preservation.

Our Core Values

At Old Town Glassworks, our values reflect our commitment to sustainability,
creativity, and community engagement.


We believe in fostering a community through our workshops, where individuals can connect, learn, and create together.



Our passion for artistry drives us to explore innovative techniques and designs, creating unique glass pieces with a touch of the wild


We prioritize using upcycled materials and eco-friendly practices to minimize waste and reduce our environmental footprint.

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