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Experience the magic of upcycled glass creations inspired by Canada's wild beauty

Celebrating 30 Years of Old Town Glassworks

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Save big and help the planet with our stunning, recycled Glassware.

Stop wasting money on new glassware!

Discover unique glass art pieces crafted from recycled wine bottles, each with a touch of the North


Come with us in Old Town and create your own piece of Art


Eco-friendly creations reimagined from discarded glass

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Have a special idea in mind ? We have the skills to make it happen for you

Old Town Glassworks

We specializes in upcycling discarded glass into exquisite functional art inspired by Canada’s northern wildlife and natural beauty.

We are a worker-owned cooperative nestled in the heart of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. We have been at the forefront of environmental stewardship for over a quarter of a century. With a deep-seated commitment to the principles of rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle, we transform used and discarded bottles into stunning glassware since 1994, embodying our dedication to cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.

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See what our customers have to say about their glassworks experience.

Jenny Arnold
Jenny Arnold
A wonderful experience! Matthew is so knowledgeable and gives great facts about Yellowknife, the old town, and the beginnings of Old Town Glassworks. It was lots of fun getting to create your own piece, and it’s very easy to follow along and create a beautiful piece. Definitely recommend doing a workshop to anyone visiting Yellowknife!!
Renee Kalgutkar
Renee Kalgutkar
My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun at the glassworks workshop! This was my third time going and his first time. It’s such a fun date idea but I’ve also done it with friends who are not from the North so they can take home a little souvenir. Matthew does a good job giving some history of old town while walking you through how his business came to be. Now we have a new fancy whiskey glass and a new soap pump!
Mary Hammer
Mary Hammer
My 3 daughters and I participated in an absolutely fun hands-on workshop where we got to choose and make our own projects. We absolutely loved the experience and would recommend for adults and kids. Staff was extremely accommodating and helpful and they have excellent customer service.Absolutely make the time for this fun and unique experience when in Yellowknife, NWT!
John Vickers
John Vickers
Old Town Glassworks was a very friendly experience where we made our own souvenirs of Yellowknife. The staff were very informative with their history and interacted to make our experience so enjoyable.
Ken Southward
Ken Southward
What a place! With a lot of eclectic charm. We rented bikes here for a day to tour Yellowknife. Great price, great bikes and great experience but it was meeting Matt and hearing and touring the glassworks business they have developed that impressed us the most. There is a lot of ingenuity and creativity oozes from every corner of this place. After seeing an etching glass class in action I had to order some for myself. I love how they have taken old bottles and wine bottles and turned them into not only beautiful but very useable pieces. I love my water/wine glasses that I had shipped from NWT to On and they will forever remind me of the great visit to Yellowknife and, in particular, the Glassworks! If you are going to Yellowknife make sure you book a class to make your very own etched drinking glasses and then rent a bike to see the sites!
Frank vd Meer Karin Orsel
Frank vd Meer Karin Orsel
when we were looking for a wedding gift that was relatively time sensitive, they did everything to provide us timely with the best gift ever! Highly recommend these unique gifts of the North
Denise Goodwin
Denise Goodwin
Other than seeing the aura itself, this was the highlight of our trip to Yellowknife. The activity is reasonably priced, and you leave with a glass with a design that you sand blaster. The glass is completely made of recycled bottles. The owner must be one of the most inventive people I have met. He has some very interesting stories. This is a must for people going to Yellowknife.
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