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Lampshades – Bottles


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Made out of recycled 1 litre bottle.


Blue, Moose, Blue, Ptarmigan, Blue, Northern Fish, Blue, Loons, Blue, Bear, Blue, Fox, Blue, Inuksuk, Blue, Ulu, Blue, Dogs, Blue, Wolf, Blue, Muskox, Blue, Caribou, Blue, Ravens, Blue, Fireweed, Blue, Forest, Blue, Geese, Blue, Floatplane, Blue, BLANK, Green, Moose, Green, Ptarmigan, Green, Northern Fish, Green, Loons, Green, Bear, Green, Fox, Green, Inuksuk, Green, Ulu, Green, Dogs, Green, Wolf, Green, Muskox, Green, Caribou, Green, Ravens, Green, Fireweed, Green, Forest, Green, Geese, Green, Floatplane, Green, BLANK, Clear, Moose, Clear, Ptarmigan, Clear, Northern Fish, Clear, Loons, Clear, Bear, Clear, Fox, Clear, Inuksuk, Clear, Ulu, Clear, Dogs, Clear, Wolf, Clear, Muskox, Clear, Caribou, Clear, Ravens, Clear, Fireweed, Clear, Forest, Clear, Geese, Clear, Floatplane, Clear, BLANK, Amber, Moose, Amber, Ptarmigan, Amber, Northern Fish, Amber, Loons, Amber, Bear, Amber, Fox, Amber, Inuksuk, Amber, Ulu, Amber, Dogs, Amber, Wolf, Amber, Muskox, Amber, Caribou, Amber, Ravens, Amber, Fireweed, Amber, Forest, Amber, Geese, Amber, Floatplane, Amber, BLANK, Honey Gold, Moose, Honey Gold, Ptarmigan, Honey Gold, Northern Fish, Honey Gold, Loons, Honey Gold, Bear, Honey Gold, Fox, Honey Gold, Inuksuk, Honey Gold, Ulu, Honey Gold, Dogs, Honey Gold, Wolf, Honey Gold, Muskox, Honey Gold, Caribou, Honey Gold, Ravens, Honey Gold, Fireweed, Honey Gold, Forest, Honey Gold, Geese, Honey Gold, Floatplane, Honey Gold, BLANK

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